Txarango is the latest and most authentic phenomenon to be generated by the Barcelona sound.

Born in the Raval, the city’s most multicultural neighborhood, the band plays an energetic live fusion that mixes reggae, dub, Latin music and native rhythms. On stage, their approach turns into pure feast and forcefulness. The message is clear: energy, joy and celebration…

During the winter of 2010, after recording a demo with the songs “Vola” and “Nits amb Txarango”, Txarango performed for the first time and started their first tour “Welcome to Clownia” which took them to some of the most important festivals in Spain.

In 2012, the group published its first album “Benvinguts al llarg viatge”, which received rave reviews from the public and music critics and garnered several awards, quickly becoming a national sensation. Among Txarango’s awards are the Enderrock Award for “Best Album 2012” and “Best Live Performance”, the Arc Award 2012 for “Best Popular Fest Tour” and the Arc Award 2013 for “Best International Tour”.

In 2014, Txarango released their second album, entitled “Som Riu”. In this same year, the band started its new project “Clownia Festival”, a music, circus and theatre festival created to promote music and culture.

During the last two years, Txarango toured extensively with over 140 performances. The tours included countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and the United States.